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Test your birds for worms

Do you need to worm your birds? Find out by using worm counts.
If you have only a couple of birds then you might like to test individually, or perhaps you have a particular bird you are concerned about? Otherwise use a composite sample collected from various parts of the hen house and mixed together in the large bag provided. Fill the sample container from this mix and send for testing.
The kit is pre-paid for one sample (individual bird or mixed), includes rubber glove, plastic box and bag, and a prepaid envelope.

Vetark can supply a range of wormers for treating pinworms and roundworms manufactured under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme:

SoluVerm - a very cost-effective water soluble powder, used in all birds for many years. Simply add to the drinking water

Chanaverm - a liquid wormer which can be directly administered or put in drinking water

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