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CitroSan is a natural, biodegradable drinking water sanitiser to reduce the transmission of diseases.

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Trichomonas is not uncommon in poultry and is easily spread via the communal water source, easily contaminated by wild doves and pigeons (a common source). E.coli and Salmonella are also spread in a similar way. CitroSan helps combat this problem, made from oranges it is non toxic, GM free and works as a natural sanitiser against a wide range of pathogens. It is also a stimulant for maintaining natural immunity. Simply add CitroSan to the drinking water of birds to sanitise and reduce the spread of diseases.

We recommend a drinking water treatment level at a rate of 5ml CitroSan to 1 litre of water. The measure holds 10ml which is sufficient for 2 litres of water.

Q. Will CitroSan help stop my birdbath from freezing over?
Yes, it will help slow down the freezing process of water, effective down to -2 degrees Celsius. 


Q. Can I use CitroSan in the drinking water for my chickens?
Yes, CitroSan can be used in the drinking water, and it is also ok to eat the eggs from chickens who have consumed CitroSan.


Q. What if my cat or dog drinks CitroSan; for example, if they lick at the bird bath?
It is not a problem if a cat or dog consumes CitroSan, it is not harmful to dogs or cats.

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