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Pro-C Probiotic is a friendly bacteria with vitamin c and dextrose for digestive support.

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Pro-C Probiotic for rabbits and other small mammals

Pro-C Probiotic is packed full of friendly bacteria, with vitamin C and dextrose for digestive support. It is a veterinary formulated complete probiotic (soluble fibre) blend enhanced with vitamin C and electrolytes. Its high palatability means that it can be added to the drinking water or sprinkled on food.

Pro-C Probiotic is particularly valuable when animals are undergoing stress, veterinary treatment or changing homes. The function of the probiotic is to assist the natural gut flora to re-establish itself, whilst the prebiotic supplies soluble fibre. It is also particularly useful in supporting the general health of older animals.

This prebiotic and probiotic formulation is suitable for the routine use in all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, and is ideal as a first line of defence while you make the appointment with your vet.

For general use add 1 scoop per 200ml of drinking water. Pro-C Probiotic can also be sprinkled onto food at a rate of 1 scoop per 300g of food. Do not breathe in the dust, and wash hands after use. Ensure that the lid is replaced to prevent contamination. 

COMPOSITION: Dextrose 88,9%, Potassium chloride, Sodium sulphate, Sodium chloride, Fructo-oligosaccharides

ADDITIVES PER KG: Vitamins: Vitamin C 3a300 mg 2,500 Gut flora stabilisers: Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC Sc 47 4b1702 CFU 4.3 x1010

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 0.18% - Crude fibre 0.009% - Crude fats 0.17% - Crude ashes 9.8% - Moisture content 1.01%

Q. Can I use Pro-C Probiotic for my chinchillas?
Yes, Pro-C Probiotic can be used for chinchillas. It contains prebiotic soluble fibre, probiotics, vitamin C and glucose. The vitamin C is there to compensate for the vitamin C which is lost by animals during times of sickness or stress. Chinchillas can have problems if they receive high levels of glucose in food or water for long periods, because like degu they have a diabetes-prone physiology. If you find that your animal has long term gut issues and needs probiotics for months at a time then please contact us to review it or contact your vet for advice. However, for short term and under strict control (as it may be an old chinchilla on a long-term antibiotic course) and in absence of any other dietary glucose source, it can be used. 


Q. Is there calcium in Pro-C Probiotic?
There isn't any added calcium in Pro-C Probiotic, it is not intended as a calcium source / multivitamin. It is designed as a prebiotic & probiotic with extra vitamin C to compensate for losses in stressed or sick animals. Our specific calcium supplements Zolcal D and Arkvits are more suitable if you need nutritional products with added calcium.


Q. My Pro-C Probiotic used to be green but is now white, has the product changed?
No, the product contains all of the same nutritional content as before. Previously Pro-C Probiotic contained Chlorophyll which was added to turn the liquid a shade of green, but had no nutritional value. The updated formulation now no longer includes Chlorophyll, but other than this the product remains the same.


Q. Can I use Pro-C Probiotic for other animals, i.e. alpacas, as occasionally I like to give a probiotic following antibiotic treatment?
Pro-C Probiotic can be used in any species, the active organism is only licensed for small mammals but it is still perfectly safe and effective for use in other species.  The organism level in Pro-C Professional (our veterinary grade version of Pro-C Probiotic) is higher so that might be more useful in your alpacas. It is highly unlikely you will find any organism that will be formally licensed for use in alpacas.

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