BSP Vitamin Drops for reptiles

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BSP Vitamin Drops are liquid vitamin drops that can be added to the drinking water.

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BSP for reptiles

BSP Vitamin Drops can be used in the water for all reptiles inclding snakes, lizards and tortoises, enabling effective supplementation for even the most picky of animals. The liquid formula contains no sugary flavourings which can encourage bacteria growth in the water.

Like all of our other vitamins these are high potency vitamin drops so that only a small amount is needed. They are ideal for medicating water for reptiles who won´t accept vitamins any other way.

BSP Vitamin Drops are very useful for a variety of reptiles, as an example snakes fed on fish such as garter snakes can develop a deficiency of vitamin B1 (alligators and crocodiles can also do this but they are easier to supplement with Arkvits). Because the food source of garter snakes and other very small species are small and are often fed by placing them in a water bowl, powdered supplements are not very successful.

Tortoises can develop steatitis but will often accept vitamins in the water when they avoid vitamins on food (preferring to eat the plants in the garden). Lettuce is low in carotene and vitamin A and is a staple item for most tortoises, and BSP Vitamin Drops gives an alternative way of providing this vitamin.

Add 1 drop per 100ml of drinking water.

Nutritional additives: Vitamins A (retinyl acetate) - 6,000,000 IU,  C-10,000mg, E-8,000IU D3-1,000,000IU, B1-2000mg, B2 - 4000mg, 
B6 -1,000mg, biotin 25mg, folic acid 400mg,  nicotinic acid 20,000mg 
and pantothenic acid 12,500mg

Q. I currently use Zolcal-D but want to use BSP drops as well, can I add them in the water together?
No, if you wish to use Zolcal-D and BSP drops as part of your pet’s diet, you will need to use them on alternate days. This is because if they are added to the water together the 2 formulas will bind together and you will lose the nutritional content.


Q. Can I use BSP drops for my terrapins?
Yes, to administer to terrapins you can add one small drop straight from the dripper into the mouth a few times a week, taking care not to exceed this dose.

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