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Calci-Dust is a pure, natural calcium provider compound feed for reptiles.

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Calci-Dust is a pure, natural calcium provider compound feed for reptiles. It has been ground superfine for maximum digestion, and to stick to all food; fruit, vegetables, even crickets and mealworms.

For healthy bone growth animals must have vitamin D3 available to obtain calcium from their food. In diurnal reptiles (those awake during the day) which bask this may be made in the skin by UVB from specific high quality bulbs, or it may be included in a full spectrum multivitamin product like our Nutrobal or Arkvits supplements.

Basking species receiving UVB may need vitamin supplementing less often (we recommend alternate feeds). If you are using Nutrobal, you may wish to use Calci-Dust and Nutrobal on alternate days, particularly if you do not need the additional vitamin D3 every day, or for tortoise that are growing to minimise the risk of shell deformities.

Calci-Dust can be added to the food at a rate of 1 pinch (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) per kilo of animal being supplemented.

400mg calcium

Q. Can I add Calci-Dust to the water?
Calci-Dust is not water soluble so can’t be added to the water. Simply sprinkle Calci-Dust over food, alternatively you can use Zolcal-D which is our liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement.

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