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Welcome to VETARK

Vitamin mineral supplements, health products

Vetark are the among the UK’s leading specialists in exotic pet nutritition, our vitamin and mineral supplements such as Nutrobal, Arkvits, Avimix and ACE-High have led the way in the pet reptile and pet bird areas for over 20 years.

You can find information on reptile feeding, reptile supplements etc in our specialist information pages, and details about the products on the shop pages. The website has a lot of information on everything from calcium content of food, needs of tortoises through to the use of probiotics in dogs.

Our probiotic Avipro Plus became the gold standard widely used across all the species barriers. This has now evolved again into an all species support based on prebiotics and we have developed species specific probiotics in line with EU legislation.

Pro-C has established a major name for itself as a rabbit probiotic - the C stands for chlorophyll which is included as a liver protective.

Vetark have a very strong veterinary connection, our products are all well researched and the claims are correct. Our disinfectant range is a classical range, a superb cleanser disinfectant Ark Klens, and an iodophor Tamodine E. These are used with any species, and Ark Klens is especially used by people feeding wild birds at the bird table.

In 2010 we were licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate as a manufacturer of Small Animal Exemption Scheme medicines in our newly completed GMP suite. Here we make our own liquid medicinal grade Zolcal D calcium and D3 supplement, our Tamodine Wound dressing and the new pond fish range Fluke-Solve, Lice-Solve, Chloramine T.

We launched SoluVerm, a water soluble easy to use wormer for a huge range os species from birds, to rabbits and ferrets.

Now we have added Aqua-Sed our fish anaesthetic which is also designed such that you can use it to euthanase fish.

You will also find information on our latest range of products for backyard poultry, the rescued chicken.

Our latest product is NUTROGRUB a single replacement for our two products BUG GRUB and GRUB GRUB, click below to be taken to the shop page for information. Its simply the best, stunning results in tests!

Various questions raised over the years are now being included in the Information pages. If there is something particular that you would like to see then please email us - we take a very personal interest.

The latest features include a find-an-exotic-vet search, a blog where we hope to keep you up to date with shows, general exotic pet issues, new products etc etc. Please invite your exotic-pet-vet to add his details to the website, its a free service.