New insect food for gut loading

The reptile hobby has improved hugely over the last 20-25 years with better information, higher quality diets and supplements, more effective vivaria and a significant increase in captive bred animals. Unfortunately, as a result of their popularity there are currently concerns that reptile owners selecting colour morphs will start to cause the sort of welfare issues in reptiles that have developed in dog breeds.

Massive increase in insect calcium levels

Many of our clients wanted a complimentary product alongside Nutrobal to aid in 'gut loading' feeder insects. This significantly improves the calcium levels in the insect alongside dusting - in turn improving the likelihood that the reptile will absorb the correct levels of minerals. After much work we successfully developed Nutrogrub, a single product which covers the needs of both groups (hoppers and mealworms).

NUTROGRUB is based on a fine vegetable flour enhanced with our world leading supplement
NUTROBAL and its superfine calcium. This has been a roaring success and has resulted in increasing calcium levels in crickets by MORE THAN TENFOLD ie x 10, and in mealworms MORE THAN SEVEN FOLD ie x 7. The tests were carried out by an independent laboratory and impressed even us!

The protein level is low enough that mealworms won't mature too quickly but more than adequate for support of the feeder insects.

The insects are very variable in eating the vitamins although gut loading is very useful in increasing calcium levels, so to ensure that vitamin levels are adequate we still always recommend dusting them with Nutrobal as well just before feeding. Using Nutrobal on every feed is still recommended.


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