In this section you will find general information as well as how to get the most out of our products.

Did you know?

- Fish will maintain body weight when fed 0.5-1.0% body weight per day, for growth feed extra - up to 3%. For example, a 1kg koi will eat 10g pellets per day

- Use agar (or gelatin, but agar is better) to make a solution and add vitamins, then coat the food with the suspension and allow it to dry, about 50ml/kg of pellets. Good quality fish or corn oil can be used as an alternative - less is needed since a fine coating for 'stickiness' is all that is required. This can then be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge for a week. New food should be made up weekly if prolonged courses are intended.

- Make a koi cake with pellets, prawns etc. and include the vitamins with agar and put the mix in the freezer poured into an ice cube tray. This way a cube can be popped out as necessary.

- Minimal handling pays dividends, always try to use oral antibiotics instead of injectable ones whenever possible.

- Always consider the effects on filtration of whatever you add to the water.